Posted by: micahalbert | July 14, 2008

Applied Arts Photo Annual – Winner

So I got word the other day that my Sudan work has been awarded into the 2008 Applied Arts Photo Annual coming out in May. What is funny about this is I didn’t even know I entered! My photo rep entered on my behalf. I guess it is a Canadian publication. They put all kinds of work into it, and only select a few photojournalists; in fact only five. Only two of them, mine included, are a series opposed to a single. Anyway… kind of funny.



  1. Congratulations, friend! Way to go! 🙂

  2. Not kind of funny friend. God has blessed you with a burden. Few people realize the full potential of their blessings, you however have embraced it with a passion fired by the Holy Spirit. I did say burden, that is what us “faith bench warmers” would call multiple trips per year to a nation torn by war and other unimaginable strife. You go and bring back stories of inspiration and hope, that these days we dwell in are filled with God’s grace. That we fall so short of helping our brothers and sisters in Christ, yet HIS goodness is still being praised by people who by all accounts should be the ones that curse and deny HIM. I hope I am not getting too fired up about this, feel free to not let this go onto your blog, however I want to make sure that you know you are in our prayers.

    HIS story will be told and those ambassadors should be praised, thank you! (2Cor5:20)

  3. Congrats Micah. That’s fantastic! I honestly hope that this recognition can help you share some stories and keep opening eyes.

    Good on ya’.

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